Getting back into pitching

I used to pitch back in High School. I quit in 10th grade because I couldn’t stand the coach anymore (yes I know that’s a bad reason), I haven’t played since. Can anyone help me with strength training and helping me get my velocity back. I lost quite a bit of speed since then. Any info would be very helpful :lol:


A little more information would be helpful.

How old/(what grade) are you (in) now?

How much throwing have you been doing?

What level of baseball are you trying to play?

How hard did you throw then?

How hard do you throw now?

How tall are you?

How old/(what grade) are you (in) now? I am 21 and a sophomore in college

How much throwing have you been doing? Quite a bit actually with the past 3-4 months. Prolly about 30-40 pitches every other day

What level of baseball are you trying to play? College would be nice, or try to get into a summer league

How hard did you throw then? I had a 75-80MPH Fastball

How hard do you throw now? 65-70MPH

How tall are you? I’m 5’9 175lbs

If you are in college now talk to the coach. He may have some ideas where you can play locally to try to get your game back into shape. Your info doesn’t look promising, as you are throwing as hard as I did a year ago while in my late 40s, but one never knows. 30 to 40 pitches every other day isn’t going to do much for you. You need to get a long toss program going to build arm strength and then you need to start mixing in bullpens to learn how to pitch again.

Maybe the best thing to do is find a good pitching coach / instructor in your area to take a look at your mechanics. Often, a few tweaks to improve your mechanics and get your whole body involved in the pitch is exactly what you need to improve velocity (and control, for that matter).

Can you have someone take video of you pitching and post it somewhere on the 'net? There are enough smart people at these forums who can help you get started, if we can see what you’re doing now.

Left hander or right?

A lefty might be able to get away with sub-par speed, especially if you have good breaking stuff. There always seems to be room on the team for a guy that can get left handed hitters out. If you are right handed, things will be more difficult. As some people have already mentioned, you should go talk with your coach. One thing that might be worth trying is the knuckleball. Save that for when you have nothing else to lose (ie. you can’t succeed with normal pitching style). If you go to a small school/ school with a small baseball program, the coach might need someone that can eat up innings. If pitching instructors and all else fails, the knuckle might be the answer.

Also, I give you major props for going out there and trying. Not many people would get back on the horse again. I am rooting for you.
Good Luck

Heck if Jose Canseco can be a knuckle ball pitcher you can too.


Thanks alot KC, I hope one day if I’m good enough to at least make it into a farm system (Reds) but we’ll see. I will be posting a video of me pitching here within the next few weeks. I will be going to a small school (Hillsborough Community College in Tampa) Not sure how big the baseball team is but I will be talking to the coach. Also, I am taking advice on seeing a trainer ot instructor in the area that can really help. If anymore of you have info, please post!


As you may already know, Tampa is a hotbed for baseball, so you should no problem finding a good coach/instructor to help out. There are tons of ex-big leaguers, scouts, pro coaches, and college coaches in the area. Even the high school and lower-level coaches tend to be a notch above what you might find in other areas of the country.

In the meantime, post those videos and let us know when they’re available. And good luck!

LOL HCC is right by me. They have a really good baseball team for as small a school they are. Alot of the Average-above average Highschool ballplayers in the area go there. I know alot of the guys on the team.

But If you are in the area, and need someone to throw with let me know.


Hey thanks Dan, I’ll give you a buzz once I move down there in August. You can help me with my mechanics and other things.


Sorry for the double post but, I had a question. I’m also a bowler (as in bowling the sport) Been doing it for 15 years. I’m wondering if the accuracy and the ability to spot the ball in places will carry over to baseball. Just a thought. And yes, I know bowling is under handed, but it helps strengthen the wrist and forearm. Just curious, any thoughts on this?

I should have a video up within the next 2 weeks. And I will post the link when its up. And anyone have any thoughts on my last post?