Getting back into pitching at the college level?

Long story short, when I got out of high school, my only real option because of money and the area was community college. My community college does not have a baseball club, team, ect.

But, I just can’t stand it any longer. I’ve got to get back on the field and play in an organized league. And not some beer league.

I’ve been getting back into condition since spring, strengthening my core, legs, and especially my shoulder/rotator cuff since it’s been without work for so long.

But the thing is, I know my mechanics are shot to crap by now and I’ve lost a lot of that mound presence/poise and reflexes. Yeah, I still know how to play and how to think. But I can feel I’m not where I want to be, even being in good health and conditioning. I need to play and pitch against batters again.

So, what do you all suggest? I mean, I’m so worried that I’m pretty well boned on this :frowning: Now that I’m 22, the only thing I can think of is a couple local summer collegiate leagues/teams that field college players right out of their spring season. I haven’t been able to play hard in a couple years.

I would greatly appreciate any advise or suggestions. I’m all ears and I do not want to give up.

(by the way, I didn’t know if I should put it here or in the college section…so I just went with general)

No one has any ideas? :frowning:

If you want to get back into baseball, start with an amateur league. I’ve recently posted elsewhere on this forum that you can try starting with to find a local team.

From there, get a good book on pitching mechanics and start playing catch with someone. If you’re feeling good, talk to a local college coach about what you need to do to take your game to the next level.

What other specific questions would you like answered ?

This is what I would try.

Worst case, try to find an adult hardball league.

This is what I would try.

Worst case, try to find an adult hardball league.[/quote]

As far as the summer collegiate league and contacting a team, do you have any recommendations for what to say to them or how to go about convincing them that I would be an asset to them?

I was an a similar situation. So here’s my advice…join a men’s league. The is where i found a league to start playing in. This will help you get in some real game situations though; I’ve found that the competition is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Next for the summer collegiate leagues. If it a school team than its going to be harder to get on because they want players that have already played with them or there new recruits. But if its the school in which you want to attend then don’t be afraid to call them up and ask to get looked at. Your lucky because your a pitcher. The majority of coaches will give pitchers a chance where they will turn away position players if they already have a full squad.

If you live in a bigger city there probably is a league where teams are comprised of players from all different schools. I played in this type of league and found that the coaches where real good about getting ppl playing time even for the worse players. Good luck

I appreciate all the info and the link to There actually is a league in my area although I need to explore that option further. There’s no telling if they’re still up and running or what their functionality and environment actually is.

Right now, the local summer collegiate league is my first choice and what I’m working towards. I’ve checked in on it and a lot of their players didn’t show up to games or didn’t dress out from game to game. More than a couple times, one team only dressed 9 players. You’d better believe I’d dress every one.

Anyway, I appreciate the info but I’m still looking for any advice as to what I could do or say to a team’s front office in the collegiate league to make them look at me. As I said, they don’t do try outs so I’d like to start conversing with them soon. When spring rolls around and they’re filling their roster, it’s not going to do me any good.

Again, thanks and hope to get some advise :slight_smile: You guys are great!

well if they don’t do tryouts then all you can do is try and boost your image. Tell them any honors you got in high school, era and you might even contact you highschool coach and see if he can give you a letter of reccommendation. If you can get radared tell them the velocity you throw and tell them that you have command and the pitches you can throw. Doesn’t matter what you tell them as long as you get on the team after that, work hard, learn as much as you can and improve your game.