Getting Back into Baseball

I’m not a pitcher (Well except for 4th grade, lol) but my question revolves mainly around throwing and building arm strength so I thought I would ask here.

I am 24 years old and have been out of baseball since 13. I played every year from 4 to 13 years old. I stopped playing in high school and college due to being too small. I suffered from stomach problems and weight problems (Was extremely skinny). At 20 years old I gained a lot of weight to get to a halfway normal size. I’m 5’9 137 lbs. I haven’t really been active but want to start playing baseball again. I got an offer from an adult rec league to play in the fall with a lot of older guys so the skill level isn’t so high. It starts in September.

Thursday I went to the field with a bucket of balls and threw hard for the first time in years. I threw a bunch of pitches from the pitchers mound and then went to 2nd base and threw home a bunch then to the outfield and threw home a bunch until my arm was really sore. I impressed myself as it was pretty decent taking into account I haven’t thrown in so long.

5 days later (today) I went out and got sore really quickly and was only throwing like 70% of what I threw Thursday.

My main questions:

Is still being sore 5 days after throwing for the first time normal?
Can I go out and throw everyday even through the pain till September to build my arm up or will I get hurt?

Depends on how you do it. Arm injuries happen for a variety of reasons like overuse, underuse, improper use and any use you can think of. Throwing every day won’t be a negative or an injury risk if you go about it the right way. Warming up properly before throwing, making sure you’ve got a good sweat worked up and loose shoulders before you even touch a baseball, and recovering the right way, using proper nutrition and stretching. Obviously this league probably isn’t the first thing on your to do list in terms of time available to put into your throwing work, so my advice would be to continue to throw as often as possible, but not the same way every day. Only cut loose every few days, but get a good toss in on a daily basis. Also, make sure you look at your warm ups and cool downs the same way you do your throwing, because they’re just as important! You can just use the classic dynamic stretching to warm up and static to cool down, but look up some different baseball warm ups and you should find some easy ways to loosen up quickly if your time is limited. To sum this up

  1. throw every day, but not as hard as you can every day
  2. warm up properly!
  3. stretch after!
  4. try to incorporate good foods into your diet to aid recovery.

Other than that just have some fun with it and enjoy the game!

Sounds good - thanks for the advice