Getting Back Into Affiliated Ball

Hey guys my name is Steve Shepard and I’m looking to get back into affiliated ball. I’m a 6’4 245 lb RHP. I got drafted in the 13th round by the Nationals in 07 and was released the following June in 08. I then signed with the Phillies this past spring and got released on the final cuts in spring training. Then I signed with the NJ Jackals of the can am league and got released right before the season started.
The problem I’ve been having is staying with teams, I’m not getting the game experience needed in order to develope. I have the stuff to be in pro ball, but I’m not being given a chance. I have such little experience since college. I went to Franklin Pierce in NH and threw 27 innings in 3 years, then I only threw 9 innings with the Nationals, 8 2/3 with the Phillies in spring training, and 3 innings with the Jackals. I also played in a mens league this year where I pitched around 40 innings.
I’m 23 and have been working with an exbigleague pitcher and throwing bullpens to his son 2 times per week and I have been staying in shape at the gym. All I know is I feel I should be playing pro ball, but I am having a hard time getting back in. I threw at the Franklin Pierce scout day this fall with a 91-94mph fastball and was pounding the strikezone. Not one scout seemed interested. It’s been a frustrating road. I know that if I was given the chance to throw on a regular basis I’d do well. But I haven’t been able to get that opportunity.
Does anyone have any suggestions?? I really want to go to some tryouts, but they are all invitation only and I have no idea about how to get invited to one. Any advice or input anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I’m not ready to hang em up yet.

Here’s a video of me throwing a bullpen with pitching coach Paul Swingle:

Why did you get cut? If you’re throwing 91-94 mph, what is the problem? Are you not hitting the strike zone? How do you approach the game?

Damn sounds like a rough trip.

How’s Coach King doing?? I committed to Franklin Pierce as a junior in high school. (I’m from maine) I ended up signing with a DI my senior year and not going.

Looks to me like you need to gain better control of the strike zone if you want to stay with a club for longer than a season.

ps. sign up for Steven Ellis website.

Its like 25 bucks but it tells you when ever there are tryouts going on.

P.S. There is one going on in Massachusetts in the spring.

I know its tough for us New England people because no one has tryouts there.

Hey NH, I’m In a similiar situation as youself, pretty much the exact situation lol. AS far as finding open tryouts just check out as well as prowling around the different mlb team sites and you will find an ample amount of tryouts to attend, however you might be in for a bit of a long drive. (I know the feeling of pitching in the northeast, I live in NY) The only thing I can recomend as far as pitching goes is to loosen up a bit you look very mechanical in your video, just feel your mechanics and let it fly. Also your pitches, while they have good heat look very flat. Work on gaining some movement and liveliness to those pitches. Many people will tell you that you cannot improve movement but i disagree. Try cocking the wrist when you are in the high cocked position. By this i mean take your hand and cock it back, thats it. This will make your wrist very loose when you realease the ball. It has worked wonders on my movement as well as reducing some strain on the arm, I think its because it helps keep the arm and wrist loose but honestly I cannot difinitively say. Also, Do you have other pitches besides the fastball, if not gain some, if so perfect them.

If I were you I’d check out the Golden League out in Cali/Arizona either their fall/summer team. It’s Independent League ball but its an opportunity to get out and play everyday and at least get more experience in-front of former MLB pro’s, play against college and former minor league players. Who know’s?!? maybe someone down there will be the connection you need to get back into the game. Goodluck

Tryouts in April for a few teams as well