Getting arm ready

So my season is less than a month away (28 days) & i have’nt been really throwing so i was wondering if anyone has advice on what i should do to get my arm ready to pitch in a month… please respond !!

Two things need to happen to get ready for a new season: conditioning and getting dialed in. You don’t have much time left for conditioning but I would be throwing (not pitching) daily: short toss and long toss. You do have enough time to get yourself dialed in except that the time for doing that will compete with the time for conditioning.

One thing to be real conscious of is to pace yourself and not get yourself into a deficit. Once your season starts, you will find it difficult to get yourself out of a deficit.

Proper sleep and nutrition will also be important.

The conditioning part i got done because over the winter i lifted & did other pitching workouts & drills its just that i didnt throw