Getting arm back into shape

hey guys i need some help. i graduated in 2005, and played summer league that year, and that was the last time i have taken the mound. im thinkin about trying out for my community college team. it is january right now, tryouts are sometimes in july. i was wondering what types of throwing workouts i can do to get my arm back into shape. when i was in highschool i threw high 70’s low 80’s…how often should i be throwing? can i get back to 100% in like 6 monthes? so how often should i be throwing, how many throws, how long the throws should be…that kinda stuff. keep in mind i live in cleveland and the weather is cold and i would have to throw outside.

ok get in shape with out throwing like a good core work out ok then start to throw 50 then 60and… and see how you do. but dont rush onto a mound right away till you have good core.