Getting and keeping focus

So I’m wondering how to get and keep my focus on the game when I’m on the mound. I’ve had some personal stuff going on in my life, nothing terribly serious but it takes awhile to get focused on the game(usually get my focus in the bullpen). But then i don’t know if I get too focused or what but whenever I get put in the game my focus goes away and I feel like I’m dreaming, if that makes any sense. Like I feel sort of light headed, my body feels a little heavy, and instead of thinking “ok time to shut these guys down”(like I had been all season), I’ve been thinking “I’m not ready, I’m going to walk everyone and get hit hard.” So I just need advice on getting back to the way I was pitching. All of this stuff like feeling like I’m dreaming and losing my focus has only been going on for two games(so for about a week now).

If all that personal stuff going on in your life is interfering with your pitching and your ability to focus, it’s probably more serious than you think. Take time off and come to grips with it, put it in a garbage bag and toss it, and then get back to getting your focus with a clear head. I could go on at length with this, but it’s really up to you.

well my personal problem is just my current relationship with my ex gf and it’s just that I don’t really understand what’s going on with us. So I’m always thinking about it but like I said once I get into the bullpen and warm up I can get that out of my mind. So it’s nothing big. I mean you said you could go on, and if you meant that you could help in some way or something along those lines I would love to hear it. Like in a PM or something.

What about listening to music before the game? Or finding some quiet time to create motivation for yourself that will carry you through a game… Just a few thoughts. Keep your head up… It’ll pass…