Getting a Start

Even though a couple weeks ago my coach told me I was too good a reliever for him to have start I asked him about next week and he said he would have me start.

I will go with my normal knuckleball and fastball routine but I want some tips on starting. I know I’m a different kind of pitcher but I am a pitcher none the less, if I could get some tips on starting I would really appreciate it, I’ve never started on the bump but I have relieved many times.

Arrive to the park early. Get yourself warmed up well - especially if temps are starting to drop where you are. Make sure to bring a jacket to put your arm in between innings to keep it warm.

Once you’re warmed up well, start throwing. Maybe a little long toss (but not too long and not max effort). Then hit the bullpen and throw enough pitches to get yourself dialed in. Start with your main pitch (knuckleball?) and once that’s dialed in add in the next pitch but mix it up.

Spend some time talking to your catcher to get on the same page - talk some strategy (e.g. the knuckleball and fastball routine you mentioned above).

go out there and show up a starter. they always say u gotta earn your starts. go out there work hard, and show em u can start. Do long toss and maybe develop another pitch.

PACE Yourself, don’t be Joba the Hutt and throw every pitch hard(which you can’t because you are a knuckleballer) change speeds effectively like Greg Maddux.

Just so you guys know it went alright even though the umpire’s philosophy was that if it’s off-speed it’s not a strike. So I threw mostly fastballs and because of some bad defensive play I ended up throwing 80+ pitches in 3 2/3 but only gave up one run and got the win.

How many innings do you play?7?