Getting a scholarship for master's degree


I have a bit of an odd path through baseball. I was an extremely late bloomer played 1 year of highschool and played 1 year of community college baseball. I have been working out a lot over the past few yew years and really improved my pitching/velocity. Sitting low 80’s with occasional mid 80’s. I have had a lot of success in my adult league and I’m thinking if I have another good off season and get my velocity up a bit more (hopefully mid 80’s consistent touching 90) I would like to look into getting my master’s in computer science and playing baseball at the same time.
I have only used 1 year of eligibility although I could likely only use 2 more.
I’m Lefty 27 6’2 215 lb
I got great grades (3.88 GPA) in my undergrad so I don’t think that would be an issue.

I was wondering does anyone have experience with trying to play baseball as a grad student and would trying to get a scholarship be realistic? If so what steps should I take I have no problem playing at a bad school/conference to get my master’s.


When did you play the one year of community college ball? I think once you enroll in a college class you have 5 years to play 4 years of ball. In some cases you can get a 6th year due to a medical hardship that caused you to miss a year.


I played in Spring of 2016. I started college in 2008 though. I know about the 5 year running clock but I beleive that only applies to D1, but I don’t believe it does for D2, D3 or NAIA and even if I could make it into a D1 I don’t think I could handle the load of a D1 program plus a master’s program.


You couldn’t play D-1 or D-2. Your 5 year clock starts 1 year after HS grad. D-3 doesn’t give athletic scholarships but they do often have dedicated academic scholarships funded by alumni for the team.

I think your only shot for a scholarship is NAIA. You would have 3 years of eligibility.

Good luck to you brother. I can say as a former D-1
athlete (swimming-94-97) that the bonds you forge playing on a college team stay with you for a lifetime.

Wherever you decided to go if they want you on a team but don’t have $$ for you…WALK ON and try to pick up the $$ next year. It’s an amazing experience that you will carry with you for life.