Getting a coach to notice you

I am a freshman pitcher in high school and I have the mechanics down, throw relatively hard, and I am tall(6’'0). I was just wondering how I can show my coach that I am ready to pitch when called upon and ready to pitch at that next level for my high school.

It’s as simple as getting the job done when you’re on the hill, and working very hard in practice. It’s simple.

Just not easy.

Getting noticed, …

Ya know, I’ve heard that style and approach
are everything. So to add to what kyleb has said,
allow me to suggest a different approach,
one that’s more personal. Try these on for

  • Ask this coach if his daughter prefers
    a one piece or two piece bathing suit.

  • Show your coach an extra, extra large
    cup & supporter and say this is what your
    going to wear instead of that sissy little
    thing that your folks bought for you.

  • Attend your next practice with a baseball
    glove on both hands and feet , then tell
    your coach you’re ready for anything!

  • Tell your coach you went to a gypsy fortune
    teller yesterday – and if you were him, you
    wouldn’t be standing in that exact spot for
    the next five minutes.


:lol: too funny Coach B

Kyles advice is good, whenever you get the opportunity make sure you get the job done and HUSTLE on everything and do the dirty jobs no one wants to do and be the first to show up and the last to leave and lead by example, step up and help other pitcher’s whenever you can even if it seems mundane or stupid.

Don’t let opportunity pass you by, when you get the shot you have to preform.

You know when your team is performing really poorly, and the coach calls someone out and says how great they’re doing, etc.? You want to be that kid.

Trust your skills. Look confident on the mound. Focus on the little things.

Not sure if this helps… it sounded alright in my head :slight_smile:

Also, don’t let others (teammates) opinions of you affect you in any way.

Again, that sounded great in my head… not to pretty written down, though. :?

i think the best way to get attention is to show that you have personality and joke with the coach when it’s appropriate, but when your on the field, at a game, or anything like that, show that you play hard, well, and that you will do anything at a moments notice. if your that quiet guy you wont get as many appearances on the mound. So have fun, get to know your coaches, and play as hard every time.

Focus only on performing and hustle no matter what…If you aren’t Pete rose don’t be Pete…I’m just saying nothing gains attention to a coach more than a focused, hustling player…in this day and age where some travel kids act like HS is a step down, a hustling and respectful hardworker ALWAYS has value…doesn’t assure a place on the team but it will be the decider when a coach sees two guys with the same talent level and one needs to be cut :wink:

Couldn’t agree more perform and hustle. Hustle in games and at practice. Go the extra mile. Make every pitch, play, swing with conviction. Hustle and dedication go a long way in coaches eyes.