Getting a 11 year old stronger

what kind of exercises can you do for a 11 year old to get stonger and faster?

Kids at this age should only be doing body weight resistance exercises such as push ups and negative pull ups. Consistency is the most important part of any program. My son has made siginificant gains with a navy seal type program of pull ups, pushups, leg raises, hindu squates, etc. Definetly not weights

Hand stands are good and it works the core muscles, but he’ll need a little help and be careful.

my 11-year-old has recently learned to walk on his hands. Not only is it great for strength and coordination, his PE teacher and female classmates are very impressed.

steroids :smiley:

I agree no weights, one way to increase strength and coordination is martial arts…outstanding way of learning discipline also. Generally not too expensive but the kids have fun.

Jumping rope is a simple yet effective way to build stamina, strength, and endurance for any youngster with reasonable ability and desire to improve his or her sport’s skills.

This exercise(a) is simple to learn, fun to enjoy, and when the youngster is creative can be a sport all within itself. I’ve had guys invest $5 bucks tops for a simple length of rope and get hours of use and a season’s worth of action. In the off season is a great way to start and during the playing season inbetween starts can generate some fantastic results.

A lot of guys will play some of their favorite music and keep tempo with the beat. Others will be more concentrated on focus, purpose and other stuff.

Here’s a good web site to get you started.

Just a word of caution dad… if the boy really takes off with this stuff and says… " come on dad let’s skip some …" just be ready with an answer. I don’t know about you … but if I tried to " skip a few" … I’d have a couple of medics over me shouting at the top of their lungs … CLEAR!!!

Coach B.

Another good thread for getting kids back into shape after the holiday sweets. My son has added 14 pounds since Fall Ball. He finds himself being winded playing basketball and knows he needs get back in good physical condition.

My wife bought our 11 y.o. a few pair of pants for Christmas, but the time we gave them to him, they were too tight around the waist. I had the same issue with the ones she bought for me. Must be genetic.

I would say he gained a few pounds over the holidays, but basketball is doing a good job of getting him back in shape. At school, the kids slide on a big hill at recess, so he is slogging up that hill several times a day. I have him shovel snow and haul some firewood. A long snowmobile ride can be pretty exhausting, too.