Get the Ball Back Then Make an Out?

You’re in the outfield - right field to be exact, and the ball is a easy fly ball.
You’re under it with no sweat, make the catch … thinking it’s the third out, you flip the ball to the fans … being the nice guy that you are … but hold it… hold everything … it’s only two outs!!!

You motion to the fan who has your ball to give it back … being that your the hometown sweety… the ball comes back out of the stands and you gain posession for the second time.

As you look to the infield… the batter is rounding third and steamrolling towards home.

You launch the ball … and it’s a beauty … like a shot all the way home where your catcher is waiting … makes a marvelous catch… tags the base runner before he can touch the plate.

Is the batter runner out? Or, is he safe? Or is he directed back to a base due to some rule? (MLB rules apply)

Coach B.

(By the way, I was the fielder that had a brain fart and flip’d the ball into the stands.)

YOU’RE Milton Bradley?

Once the ball was tossed into the stands it is dead. It is considered a wild throw into the stands and each runner gets two bases from the time of the throw. If the runner was on 2nd base at the time of the throw, he will be awarded home.


Larry Walker did this before also.

I was playing the field during a charity game - a mix of coaches and other people Vs the players from many clubs.

For some unknown reason, I got into a chatter with some folks and the fly ball caught me totally by surprise. After I caught the ball, some youngster leaning over the rails put his glove out and asked if he could have the ball. Well, in between naps out there, swating flys, and blocking out hecklers, I lost track of how many outs there were.

Needless to say, the catch was good for out two, but, when I tossed the ball into the crowd, a player who thought he could catch the umpire crew off guard, kept running … all the while pointing to me saying … " he gave up the ball… he gave up the ball!!" All of which didn’t mean diddly. He was out…

But, are you ready for this, I got charged by the offical scorekeeper with an error!! Darn thing cost me a round of brewskies for twenty five bar flies later. (my wife was the offical scorekeeper :dozey: )

Coach B.