Georgia Indy League tryout (Sept. 17 only)

Prospect Watch is holding a tryout camp on Sunday Sept 17,2006 at The Walker School 700 Cobb Parkway North, Marietta, Georgia at 11:00 AM. The tryout camp is open to players who played college baseball, independent leagues, or affiliated baseball in 2006 for placement in the independent and international baseball leagues in 2007.Tryout camp should be finished by 4:00 PM. (You must pre register for the tryout camp) Register Online

Affiliated Baseball: 9 players
Independent Baseball Leagues: 130 players
International Baseball Leagues: 11 Players

POSITION PLAYER timed in 60 Yard Dash: (TARGET TIME: 6.9 seconds and under)
Infield Throwing:(TARGET TIME: 86 mph)
Outfield Throwing:(TARGET TIME: 88 mph)
Catchers Release Time:(TARGET TIME: 1.95 seconds and under)
Batting Practice and Games
PITCHERS: Throw in bullpen and Games.(TARGET TIME: 89-90mph)

College baseball players:(Age 18-23 years): Players must have played college baseball in 2006.Bring college baseball stats with you.
Previous Independent League Players: Unlimited Age
Previous Minor League Players: Unlimited Age

The staff working the tryout camp will all be major league scouts.
Players must bring a copy of their 2006 and previous year college, independent or affiliated stats with them to the tryout camp.Results of the tryout camp will be sent to all the independent, international and affiliated teams.