George Plimpton: Pronator Extraordinaire!

Was watching George Plimpton on American Masters the other night and saw yet another photo worthy of a little elaboration.

At about 19: 39… THERE IT WAS… the secret to arm health and longevity…a still photo of the great George Plimpton shortly after release demonstrating the art of pronation as he was retiring none other than Willie Mays.][img][/img

(note:one can also glimpse the pronator extraordinaire at 3:32)

So yeah Jim Thorpe, Bo and Dion were good athletes…. “The Natural” Robert Redford has talents… but c’mon compared to the versatility of the remarkable Plimpton…are any of us worthy?][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img

When not participating in his endlessly demanding sporting activities (hockey. baseball, football, car racing , boxing, tennis, soccer. trapeze…to name a few) the adventurous Mr. Plimpton was known to escape to Hyannis Port, for a little time sailing and what not….][img][/img

Now back to that pronation photo at 19:39…did you see it? I wondered how a near baseball novice like Plimpton had acquired such remarkable pronational skills. Then it hit me…Sidd Finch!! He has witnessed the great Sidd throwing 168 mph and had intuitively if not consciously incorporated his technique.][img][/img

Problem is, the timeline is bit askew….George was pitching against the “Say Hey Kid” in that all important post season All Star game in 1958 long before the discovery of Sidd Finch in 1985.

Which leaves us with only one explanation… George Plimpton must of been an athlete of remarkably hidden talents such that his arm somehow knew to pronate without any apparent instruction…we should all be so lucky.