George Jr

Hello everyone,

I’m more of a backyard pitcher lately. I have a grated backstop where I practicre throwing and been trying to get into college ball. Based on some health issues the past few years I have not been able to try-out. Last year sinus surgery, and this year I ended up with a severe GI issue, but I hope to start soft tossing again in about 3-4 months again.
I lost a lot of time with health issues, none muscular or anything which was good. Before everything I was throwing to the upper 80s fastball to low 90s, 2 seemer, worked on a cutter, with a change-up, curve ball. So, thats my quick story. 25 going on 26 in Sept, but I keep the faith that next year the dice will fall in my favor!

George Jr.


Good to have you here, welcome and good luck.

Welcome to this pitching discussion forum!