Genetic freaks?

How do people like Zumaya, Verlander, Lincecum, Nolan Ryan, and other guys that throw in the 98-102 range. (yes i’ve seen zumaya hit 102 at a Twins game).

Anyways, is it due to working out like crazy and having that “perfect” pitchers body. Or are they just genetic freak of nature’s???

Genetic freaks, yes. Fast-twitch muscle fibers. It’s that simple. Plenty of pitchers with “bad” mechanics who throw 95+.

a mule never won the kentucky derby and you can look it up.

casey stengle

I do beleive zumaya was similar to clemens when he finished high school and was throwing in the mid eighties. Not genetic freaks late bloomers who worked thier tales off.

Those guys have worked their tails off, so I don’t want to take anything away from them. But yeah, they all have one thing in common and thats the fact that they have tons of fast twitch fibers throughout their bodies. Thats why you see guys with bad mechanics throwing 95 mph. Theve worked hard, no doubt, but those men were born to throw baseballs extremely hard.