Genesis Project

I am starting a new thread were I can keep up with each of my students during their training in the fall, winter, and into spring. I hope to update it like I did the other, just adding accomplishments and different pieces if info about each. I will run this until Jan 31 when they start their season.

Gen1: 16 / 11th Grade
Time with RIP: 1 y, 4m
Top Velo: 92
Start Velo: 76
Gain of 16 mph in 16 months
College Commit: South Carolina
Goal for Jan 31:
FB sit 91-92, top out 94

Gen2: 14 / 9th Grade
Start Velo: 74
Goal for Jan. 31
FB sit 80-81, top out 83

Gen3: 12 / 7th Grade
Time with RIP: 2 m
Start Velo: 65
Top Velo: 70
Gain of 5 mph in 2 months
Goal for Jan. 31
FB sit 75-76, top out 78

Gen1 is playing in a tournament with the Canes program. It is based out of Virginia and North Carolina but they also have players from Maryland and South Carolina.

Gen2 isnt playing for anyone this fall, only training.

Gen3 has the weekend off but is playing for a travel team out of North Carolina.

Team was very good. They have three pitchers on that team that may go in the first round, as well as a ss. Pretty excited that Gen1 was invited to play on the team

i think generation 3 has a good shot

Gen1 was invited to the South Atlantic Border Battle. This is a tourney that takes some of the best players in the 2011 and 2012 class from South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. The SC/NC and VA/MD winners will face off to determine a champion of each age. Last year, the two SC teams went undefeated but you never know with the talent that will be there.

how do your children gain 4-6 mph in just a few monthes?

I do a bunch of different things. One thing that I do that is very important is throw some everyday. I have days were I let them go as long as they want playing catch and then some days I have it controlled and know exactly what I want them to do and that is usually the bullpen days. I have a program set up that I have developed over the years but I still will try new things if I think the players can gain from it. One thing that has caught my eye is upper extremity plyos. I believe there is a bunch of speed to be gained from that practice.

Tourney this weekend, Gen1 has hill game 1

Gen1’s game in the rotation got rained out. He pitched in a scrimmage game and had 7ks in three innings. Think he gave up 1 hit also. Rays scout watched him in scrimmage. Possible got up to 91 but no way to confirm

Going to Asheville, NC this weekend to play in an Impact tourney. Gen1 should have hill first game.

Has hill game 2 against the Dirtbags, very good team from NC.

Gen1 pitched well. Took a no hitter into the sixth before cramps got him from being dehydrated. Only gave up two hits and had 8 k’s. Team had a 1B and SS that are committed to big D1 programs. Gen1 was sat at 88-89 and touched 90 a couple of times

Gen1 is pitching in the WWBA Underclass World Championship in Ft Myers this weekend. Going with the Canes

Didnt do too bad at WWBA. Hit 91 one day in a short relief and 90 the next in his start. Sat 88-89 the past three games he has pitched. Going to USC for a tourney and then Jupiter next week. Hope to have some updates on the other kids since they have only been throwing and not playing.

Pitched today at USC and did pretty good. Faced the East Cobb Astros and had 6k’s through 3 innings. Defense killed him in the third and his pitch count went high so he was yanked. Sat 90 and had a high of 92

Gen1 will be in Jupiter this weekend. Gen3 will be check for his velo tomorrow to see where he is at.

Pitched today. 3 1/3 inning, 1 H, 0 R, 4 K’s. Said he hit 93 but hasnt been confirmed yet.

Gen 1 playing in the South Atlantic Border Bash. Canes came in third in Jupiter. Gen 1 hopes to get that #1 overall spot in the state after this tourney.