Genesis: Final Year

I have started blogs in the past but I am going to try and keep this one up for the rest of the year. I started training a kid two years ago to see if the program I had developed in college would work to produce elite pitching prospects. I am proud to say that my first student has gained 18 mph on his max fastball after two solid years of training and was recently listed as one of the top 100 prospects of the 2012 draft. He was also selected to the 2011 Under Armour All American game. This will be a training log for the next two months as we prepare him for Jupiter and see if we cant crack that first round when draft day comes around.

Stats as of Aug 22:
Age : 16
Height: 6’4
Weight: 200
Max Velo: 94

can we get your name, links to your (other) blogs and the name of your prospect? Very impressive, sir!

double post

All of my blogs are still on here I believe. I made a few, can’t remember how many. The only other thing I have is a facebook page. I use it for pics and articles written about players I work with.

My name is Steven Reaves. My prospects name is Jamie Callahan. He has been committed to USC since he was 15. I started working with him when he was 14.

Weight Training today. Focus was strength training of upper body.

Pull-Ups - Body weight for 3x10
High Rows - 4x 12, 5, 3, 1
Dumbbell Press - 4x10, 5, 3, 1
Reverse Flys - 3x12, 10, 8
Ropes for shoulders
Tricep Extension underhand and overhand grip - 2x each
Wrist and Elbow Circuit
Ab Stability
Rotator Cuff Stability

Forgot to add that anybody that has a question, feel free to post it here

Today is explosive Ab and sprint day. I have a machine that we are currently using for Abs. I have found it interesting that everyone suggest throwing medicine balls but it is very hard to stay on the guidelines of explosive training with them. Many studies done on the effects of medicine ball training also state that finding the ideal weight is not usually a step that is taken. We are testing a “strength version” of rotational abs to see how well it works.

We sprint 3 days a week. This is the only kind of running I do. We are currently on 12 sprints at 30 yards

Gave Jamie day off. Figured the wellness center was closed due to storm. Back at it Monday

Thought you were going to keep this blog up…come on man…you can keep it going!!!

Sorry about being behind. I have been so busy with stuff that I barely made it to any of my teams travel ball tourneys. I just wanted to give yall some updates.

Callahan (as of Nov. 15)

He went to Jupiter and made the All-WWBA team. Was also recently named to Baseball Americas top 100 HS Prospects for the Draft. They have him at #49

He was 90-94 in Jupiter with his curve around 77-79. Hope to have him in the 92-95 range with all of his off speed sitting in the 8’s. I will update this as often as I can now that I am done with ball for the fall.