General Pitching and Tips

I have done all workouts ive seen everywhere for pitchers, constantly worked on core and rotator cuff, take care of my arm, and have a decent nutrition. My cardio is little to none which is not good. My mechanics are not perfect obviously but are pretty good. I am 16 and have done everything and i can just not seem to gain any velocity. I have been at it for so long and just cannot gain. I am left handed and need a few MPH

You should get together with a really good professional pitching coach and have him watch you throw a full bullpen session, and he should time you, either with a reliable stopwatch or a radar gun that won’t screw up. And listen to what he has to say, any suggestions he may have. Don’t be too concerned about velocity; not everyone can throw 97 and up—you just might do very well as a finesse pitcher (think Jamie Moyer, for example). And whatever he suggests, work at it—you’re bound to make progress in certain areas, if not all. 8)

A professional pitching coach can bring a lot of input to your attention that you won’t get elsewhere - but, their level of intensity and experience comes from a much different setting than where you are right now.

Those men from the professional game are use to a very high level of expectations and results oriented progress. Those who are not from the professional game are usually schooled in techniques and procedures (Kinesiology & Physiology), shown to them by those in either an academic setting or the professional game, and even a mixture of both.

You should be aware though that regardless of your private instructions, you will be playing for men who coach amateur clubs with amateur expectations. So, don’t be surprised if your shown one thing by your private coach, only to be told to do something different by your coaches at school, on your summer team and even on your travel team.

If your cardio is not good, that’s an easy place to start. If your cardio is bad, it probably indicates your legs aren’t as strong as they could be, which is a big limiter. Start running now in small increments and work your way up.
Running is free and the roads are always open. Start slow and work your way up.