General Pain In The Bicep?

Has anyone had pain in the biceps when pitching but like deep in the bicep… i find when i throw 20 or some pitches i start to get some pain deep in the biceps not a throbbing pain pretty minor just hope it doesnt get worse. :twisted:

Pain is never good.

I would go see a doctor and have your arm checked out.

You may also want to post a video and see if we can see the root cause of the problem.

What you’re describing is common, and it’s probably not the biceps. Much more likely the brachialis (underneath the bicep). The more you reverse rotate your hips and take the ball behind you laterally, the more you sling the arm laterally away toward release. The brachialis contracts hard to try and keep you from doing more serious damage to the elbow. If you keep doing this long enough you will lose flexion range of motion in the elbow. The solution to your problem is to stop excessive reverse rotation.

Limiting how much you reverse-rotate your shoulders also helps you hide the ball from the batters, which tends to make you sneaky fast.

There’s a reason why guys like Greg Maddux who are described as sneaky fast reverse-rotate their shoulders less than average.

what exactly is meant by excessive reverse rotation ?? sounds like your on track because i try to keep my self from hurting my elbow again and i might be doing something else to hurt the brachialis.

Draw an imaginary line from home plate to second base. If you’re a right handed pitcher, if the ball hand swings behind you and crosses this line (heading toward the first base side) you have reverse rotated in a way that will lead to the pain you are describing.

Totally dependent as to where the front of the SHOULDER is facing. If the shoulders are reversed as well than the arm can be on one side or the other [depending on what hand one throws with] while still maintaining a line between the two. Its not the plate and the mound or second base. It is the pitchers shoulders and his target . Your speaking as if a pitchers shoulders are automatically in between the two most times they are not they are either countered one way or the other [depending on what hand one throws with with]. Not to mention that certain arm cocking positions can stress the biceps moreso than others. Bottom line it is NOT automatically the brachialis muscle, Im not saying it isnt, fact is nobody knows for sure what it is. Another fact that I have seen is there is a heck of a lot more biceps related injuries than brachialis injuries by a longshot such as slap lesions/bankart lesions as well as biceps tendon ruptures I know I have been there myself and half scars on both ends of my biceps tendon meaning the proximal as well as the distal. Obviously the proximal biceps tendon for a pitcher usually means a labrum problem bankart/slap lesion. Again the bottom line is NOBODY knows for sure what this could be. To automatically diagnose it as a brachialis problem caused by countering is a stretch for sure.

im a right handed pitcher and i would try to get inpingement in my shoulders for velocity like i read… im sure its brachialis (not super sure) because i feel a pain under neath my bicep muscles , also near my elbow…But i think i kno what he means by reverse rotation … as im doing a leg kick my arm might be going back too as i rotate my hips and its going back too much

I hade that pain before. After I started showing the ball to home plate, not 2nd base or left outfield like before (when in high cocked position), I never had that pain again…thanks to Chris. I show the ball to home plate sa soon as I break my hands.


Note the words ‘probably not the bicep.’ I understand your point about the shoulders and that’s what I intended, but didn’t put words to, and no need to be adversarial.

Now, note these words, I have never (and I mean NEVER) in 30 years of baseball experience and four years of dedicated research and investigation heard of a distal bicep tendon rupture caused by pitching. If you’re saying that pitching caused this specific problem for you I’d really like to speak with your surgeon because the injury is one of a kind and I’d like to record it for the database I’m building.

Wise to seek medical counsel? Sure. And there’s not an orthopedic surgeon in the country who will tell him what to do to mechanically alleviate his problem. They’ll tell him to ice, take NSAIDS, avoid throwing. And the minute he starts back up the pain will be back worse than ever. The solution is MOST LIKELY that he needs to stop excessive reverse rotation.

One way to think about this is as taking your Pitching Arm Side hand back toward 1B rather than back toward 2B.

Taking your hand back toward 2B is better.

im pretty sure it was that when i was doing my leg kick i was also rotating my upperbody and starting the arm from 1st base and this was pulling or straining the muscles in my arm… well next time i pitch i will try that and start it from 2nd base rather then 1st

I hope you’ll let us know how this works for you.