Gear Bags

hey gang,

i’m trying to find a new equipment bag and was wondering what people would suggest. i carry 2 first base mitts, a fielding glove, cleats and need room for at least 2 bats.

I think most gear bags just totally suck, last year I started using the Backpack from Mizuno (not the bat pack) and I love it. 2 bats outside, 1st base glove, infield glove and outfield glove as well as helmet fit easy. I hand my cleats over one of my bats since I really don’t want them in my bag, that would just be too nasty, gotta air them out all the time I’m not wearing them. Don’t know if they stil make it but I have had mine for 2 years. If they don’t make that one then the Easton Stealth Player Backpack is really close to it.