Gavin Davis pitching analysis

My son is 15 and a sophomore in high school. His fastball is currently is 74-76. He is hoping you can help with a few pointers to help him pick up a few more mph. Thanks

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Well your son checks off a lot of boxes in my opinion. He has good overall rhythm and tempo.
The one thing I see in his delivery that may help comes out of weight shift. Gavin does move down the mound while getting gathered and loaded but there is one small thing I noticed.

From the highest point of his leg lift, Gavin slightly pops back straight up again. By popping back up it may hinder this one key move: 1. Continuing to sit back and drive into his stride while engaging the back leg. This is ever so small and picky but if you were a sprinter and on the gun you slightly stood straight up, you would lose your momentum to the finish line.

I like everything else about his delivery. After he pops up he immediately regains good weight shift and momentum towards home plate. He also sits back into his stride engaging his back leg. He stays loaded and closed with his hips and trunk. His hips open at foot plant creating good hip/shoulder separation. At landing, he stabilizes his front leg and his hips get all the way through up and over in his delivery.

Other factors that influence velocity - What is Gavin’s height and weight? Is he on his off-season? If so, this is a great time to work on mechanics such as quality movements, drill work, leg work, and mobility. Did he start HS winter training yet? If not have him start working on lower half exercises. If you are into utilizing a weighted ball program now would be a good time. In December or January he can start his throwing program.

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Thanks for answering my post. Gavin is 5’7 about 130 lbs. 10th grade. He is doing strength training this fall. Hopefully he picks up some strength especially in his lower body.