Gatorade, Powerade, red bull , Propel & other energy dri

When u r in a game or during pratice wont drinkigany of these energy drinks slow you down? b/c even with esential vitamins and minerals its loaded with sugar and sugar drains the liquid from your body. So is it a good idea to drink any of these during a game?

I don’t know about slowing one down, but I’ve been told that water is still the best option because it goes straight in and hydrates you. Personally I prefer gatorade after words because it does give you some essentials so I dont’ feel drained shortly after the game. For me I actually get sick to my stomach do to all the sugar if I drink gatorade during a game on a hot day.

I would not touch red bull or rockstar or anything that is highly caffinately energy drink. Caffine dehydrates you like crazy, it’s like drinking a coke or mt dew during your game, and I know that’s an easy decision of no.

Hope that helped

yea i kno red bull & adrenline rush slows you down b/c i tend to drinks some a few tiems a week. But when i drink plain water during a game itdoesnt do much 4 me.

if your feeling dog tired you would drink one of those for an energy boost…the sugar will give u a quick burst in energy…if your just dehydrated drink water

if you have a good diet then you shouldn’t need energy boosting drinks in my opinion…have a good meal beforea game, make sure you get some good complex carbs in…oatmeal, whole wheat bread i eat along with eggs if i have a relatively early game

oats and wheat provide the carbs, eggs the protein which doesn’t really have much to do with your energy levels