Game Warmups

What is the conventional wisdom for how to warm up pitchers to throw 60’6" off a mound when there is no mound to use to warm up at some fields?
Throw the same distance, shorter, longer?
For those of you who have gone thru this please share with me your wisdom.

Most of the time, the kids don’t warm up at the proper distances on the side anyway. Usually the kid or a coach incorrectly paces off the distance and the catcher doesn’t compensate for backing off from the point of home plate, so there’s another 3 feet of distance not taken into account.

There will always be an adjustment made after the first 2-3 throws from the game mound. Kids have been making that adjustment successfully for over a hundred years. I wouldn’t sweat the details.

Personally, I often threw the first few high from the mound but quickly got the 3rd or 4th throw in the groove.

Do what works best for you.