Game time

Well my forum famz
I am going to have a game in 95 degree weather which i will be starting pitcher in.

I have rested about 6 days but have worked on stride and staying closed

So let me go do what i love.

Ill fill you in on the details later

Peace > 8)

Good Luck

ouch 95

Ouch, had to start when it was 103 once, I drank 6 gatorades, but a kid on the other team lost 2 pounds in sweat and passed out.

Wussies. It’s 110 in Phoenix right now. :shock:

But seriously, when you’re playing in weather that hot, you need to be hydrating on a regular basis whether you’re thirsty or not. Once you feel thirsty, you’re already starting to get dehydrated. Also, you need to start drinking the day before your game/practice.

One of my other interests is 4-wheeling. Here in the desert southwest, when we head out on the trail I try to drink some water about every half hour regardless of whether or not I’m thirsty.

complete game
13 strike outs
1 walk

2 field errors
1 er
2 uner

final 9-3

Nice job. i counldnt have done that when it was 93