Game Strategy

Newby needs some strategy help please.

Our league is having an All-Star (9-10 year olds) game this weekend. The format for this game is a little different than normal for us. Instead of playing 4 innings we are playing 9.
We have a pretty good pitching group. My question is when do we pitch our best pitcher? Do we start him or do we save him for later in the game? He can probably go three strong innings, but will weaken in the forth. My gut tells me hold him until later in the game. It is going to be hot (95) and the other team may get tired late (not being used to playing that long).

Thanks for the thoughts.

I favor a good start

I’m not sure I’m the best one to say anything about this, because my frame of reference is major league all the way and you guys have a Little League game coming up. But I would think you would want to start your best pitcher. In the major league All-Star game the starting pitcher usually goes three innings and then gives way to a reliever in the fourth inning; you might want to use this as a guideline. 8)