Game in 2 hours!

baseball game in 2 hours

tho since we have to play the (olmost ) worst team in the leageu
I prolly dunt have to pitch lol:P
anyways, im kinda stressed lol, cuz my coach prolly puts me shortstop, cuz i can field, but cant really throw infield, i rather want outfield, use long arm.
then again, sum outfielder has to play infield then. and they suck! :smiley: lol most of ehm then. left fielder plays 3th base, hes good. butthe rest, nah, not really.
Maybe ill pitch as a relief, but not starting :frowning:
we dont play 9 innings btw(wich really sucks i think)
we play 2 hours …(usually 4-5 innings)
me and my team gonna kick sum ass ;D

yeaaaa ;D thats a win for us!!

Got 9 K’s :smiley: starting pitch( didnt expect that)
I notice I still have to work on my slider sum more.

and my foot ah well most of the time still not straigt, tho loose gravel there. so it twists to 1b anyways couldnt say how i planted it :slight_smile:

there 2nd pitcher sucked! lol 6x free walks lol