Game footage of my 10 year old...please critique

Let me know what you experts think. I know he has a problem with his glove hand and we are working on it. It also seems that when he gets into a real game, he forgets his folllow through all together.

He’s an intense little dude; I like it!

He’s explosive to the plate and he does a lot of good things for his age and size. However, to get nit-picky, here are some observations:

  1. He is taking the ball out of the glove incorrectly; he needs to take it out with his fingers on top of the ball rather than turning his hand under the ball and showing it to the sky.

  2. He should break his hands lower and more in line with his body instead of further out in front of his body like he does now. The early hand break causes his arm to get up a bit too early and causes a loss of velocity. By breaking his hands lower (thus later in the delivery), his body will be on full stretch when he is ready to deliver the ball.

  3. In most of the pitches thrown in the video, he is landing with a straightened front leg. Yes, he wants to land with a firmed up front leg but not all the way straightened; it should have some bend to it. This is most likely why he is not finishing in a flat-back position. Once he releases the ball, the leg will typically straighten, but just have him work on keeping it slightly flexed upon landing (he may need to shorten his stride just a hair in order to accomplish this – not too much, though. I do like the long stride).

Hope that helps!

there is a problem with his front leg

    Thanks for the advice structuredoc. If you look at the other video I posted under the topic "10 year old...take a look", you will see that he does a lot more of what u are talking about. It seems as though when he gets into a game, he forgets most of what he wa taught. We will be working on those things, thanks again.

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Don’t be impatient with him. He isn’t “forgetting” but at this age you have to expect inconsistancy and work towards repeatability, I hate to see them lose traction like he did there but really as much body as he uses he’ll slide unless it’s the best of mounds tended and taken care of. The process of learning and teaching his body won’t stop until he does, so even though he may “know” to follow through, putting it into practice everytime is going to be on-going. The best way to counteract that is drilling on fundementals and working on them in between starts. I advocate lots of playing just plain old catch as I’ve recently expounded on inadfinitum in the Youth Forum here;