gaining weight

if you eat more and gain could possibly get more power throw harder

you wont gain velocity, you will just look like this

[quote=“yanksneeddice-K”]you wont gain velocity, you will just look like this

The man was second in the CY Young voting, and hes simply one of the most dominant pitchers in the postseason, ever. I’d take that, even tho I’m more of the six pack type pitcher, If I could be that good I’d gladly look like him lol.

This is basically all to simple for something as complicated as pitching.

It depends on the type of mass, where it is gained, and how the body is able to utilize it. With proper training, yes bigger is likely better. Even with out proper training there are a lot more big dudes throwing in the pros than small skinny guys.

oh yea hes a great pitcher, but i doubt that his keg has anything to do with it

A little weight to work with would normally be pretty good. Of course, you want hips to work with that aren’t hindered by too much fat. Keep it a healthy weight. Make sure that with that weight you gain, you work that much harder to turn it to your advantage. It works at the base, your legs. A good portion comes into play with your hips since a good amount of velocity is created with the turning of the hips and the upper body. I’ve read that it’s not all arm, the arm follows the body. If you throw with nothing but your arm, you’ll be looking at a shoulder in pain and all sorts of problems.

Just make sure you keep the proper acid/alkaline balance

i threw my hardest @ 187 but then again look at lince he weighs 170 n throws 101 haha!

Good luck this season