Gaining weight

Hey guys

My problem is that I’m not that heavy, first off all I wanna gain some weigt cuz of my lenght (1,89m and 58-60Kg) 2nd, more weight gives more velocity right?

then does ane one know how to gain weight in like couple of weeks?
with a dieet or something?

thx in advance:)

[size=18]Food To Gain Weight
While the amount of calories you take in will be responsible for deciding whether or not you gain weight, it will be the types of calories you take in, as well as when you take in these calories, that decide whether this weight materializes as the muscle you desire or the body fat that you don’t.

Working towards getting the ideal representation of each of the major macronutrients - protein, carbohydrates and fat - into your diet will go a long way to insuring you successfully build muscle. The suggested ratios are as follows…

% of
Weight Gain Diet
Food to Gain Weight:
(1-2 grams per lb. of bodyweight)
Food to Gain Weight:
Food to Gain Weight:
Fat (EFAs)
8 oz. for every
10 - 12.5 lbs.
bodyweight per day

To understand more about these macronutrients and the respective roles they will play in helping you bulk up, visit their linked pages.

To learn how to find an appropriate ratio for you and how to incorporate it into your weight gain diet, revisit the aforementioned Diet to Gain Weight page.

[size=18]How and When To Eat
Another technique that can be used to effectively help the body build more muscle is to alter how and when you eat.

Bodybuilding GuyEating five or six meals a day instead of the traditional “big three” can help the body stay in an anabolic state (building tissue). It can also discourage excessive body fat gains. To learn more about how and why eating frequent meals can be advantageous, check out this article… Building Muscle With Six Meals A Day.

It is also important to remember that there are specific times when the body is most in need of quality nutrition. When you wake up in the morning, the body has gone 8+ hours without being fueled. At this point it has likely entered a catabolic state (breaking down tissue to use for energy). It is important to immediately eat a quality meal upon waking to re-enter an anabolic state as soon as possible.

Paying strict attention to your Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition can provide big benefits as well. Making sure the body has the nutrition it needs in these times is, again, important to keeping your body in an anabolic state.