Gaining Weight while eating every 2 hours

hey hows it going.

Steven i seen on another post how you told some other user how to gain 15lbs. I am in need of the same. I would like 20lbs better though. Right now i am about 165lbs. I am very lean and ripped but want to put on more muscle.

Here is the workout you gave the other user:

6:30- breakfast
11:30- shake
1:30- shake
4- post workout shake
8:30- shake
10:30- cereal/sandwhich

I want to be about 180-185lbs. How much protein do i need daily. I know that you need to have at least 1 gram for each lb you weigh. So i would need 165 grams of protein. Is this needed for my increase of muscle mass or just to maintain it. Also how many calories should i be eating during the scheduled times. And also how many calories in total do i need in a day.

If steven you could answer this it would be awesome. If anyone else has any input or any help please post as well.

I’m a baseball strength coach and I work with athletes just like you everyday. Packing on 15-20 pounds is a pretty regular occurrence for our guys. I think shakes are OK, but nothing works better than ingesting “real food.” Save the shakes for workouts…

I’d recommend eating every 3 hours for the first 2-3 weeks until you get accustomed to your meal plan. A solid beginner schedule would look like this:

8AM - Breakfast (6 egg omelet with spinach, shredded cheese, piece of fruit, and a bagel)
11AM - Meal #2 (1.5 chicken breasts on a bed of salad, with bowl of plain yogurt, peanut butter sandwich)
2PM - Meal #3 (1.5 chicken breasts on a bed of salad, with bowl of high fiber cereal, apple)
5PM - Pre-workout shake
6PM - Workout shake
7PM - Post workout shake
8PM - Dinner (11 ounces red meat, sweet potato casserole, steamed veggies)

  • between all those meals you could consume “extra carbs” with bagels, oatmeal, high fiber cereal, etc.

If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you an interview I did with the Baltimore Orioles head nutritionist.

Here’s a link to the interview:

hey it says that the download is corrupted and unsafe. so i never downloaded it. can you put the interview on here please.

That sucks. I just clicked on the link and it worked. I don’t think its possible to upload here because it’s like 30 MB. I’ll email it you as an attachment.