Gaining Weight Seems Impossible

One of the things that puzzles me a little bit is that I’‘ve been trying to put on weight, and I’‘ve been eating plenty of calories everyday, and have been lifting weights multiple times a week. I was going really well and gaining about 30 lbs. in roughly 8-9 months. Fist of all, I’‘m 6’‘4’’ 175lbs. I have a fairly lengthy look and I’'m not very thick. Do you suggest that I should keep putting on weight? Do you have any suggestions for me that will help me continue putting on weight? I worked and put on 30 pounds this year so far and all of a sudden, since I’ve stopped rigorous workouts I’ve gone back down 10 lbs. What do you think i can do?

I know that I kind of just threw a lot at you and I’'m sorry. Thank you for your time and hopefully a timely response.

Thank You.

Write down everything you eat. Use I bet you are not eating nearly as much as you think you are.

Baseball freak—have you ever heard of Andy Carey? Probably before your time, but this is an interesting story. He was the third baseman for the Yankees in the 1950s, and he was a very fine third baseman indeed. He was also known as the biggest trencherman in the major leagues; he ate and ate and ate and where did it all go? (Probably a very high metabolism.) He thought nothing of polishing off two complete meals at one sitting prior to game time. One evening, before the Yankees were to play, he wolfed down two full meals, dessert and all, and then he started looking wistfully over at Yogi Berra who had just sat down to a nice steak dinner. After a bit he walked over and said to the catcher, “Oh, Yogi—don’t tell me you’re going to eat that huge steak all alone?” Berra looked up at him and growled, "Of course not—I’m having potatoes with it!"
Carey was tall and lean, and he had great power at the plate besides being a terrific third sacker. As for you—I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Six-four, 175 pounds?—rather slim for your height, but there have been a lot of pitchers like that. The important thing is to eat well and balanced meals, and you could afford an extra chocolate milk shake every day—and get plenty of rest, and don’t overwork yourself. You’ll be all right. 8)

I know this sounds a little crazy.Limit your calories with a Diet. It worked for me. I gained way more weight than i ever wanted to. Look at 95% of the people that diet they all gain their weight back plus.

How much emphasis do you put on your post workout nutrition?

Ill Trade you bodies?

You have a real nice “projectable” body. I say Projectable because scouts seem to like those body types because they feel once the body starts to fully mature itself, it will begin to fill out. Ive talked to Zack Wheeler. Giants 1st round pick 2 years ago and he has the same problem. Works his ass off and cant seem to add any weight. As long as youre seeing the results and keep working hard itll eventually come.

the reason why you aren’t gaining weight is becasue you aren’t eating enough CALORIES

Make sure you are tracking the calories

Also if you are doing a lot of running/ physical work, thus you need more calories

I use to eat 3,400 calories i now need to eat like 4,500 due to my job