Gaining Velocity

I would like to start a discusion about the do’s and don’ts of gaining velocity.

Some topic starters:

-Weighted balls
-Long Toss
-Mechanics work/improvement
-video taping
-Dry mechanics(no ball)
-Arm strength exercises(band, dumbbell, etc.)
-Anything Else you all can think of, sorry if I left any good topics out!

I thought this would make an interesting topic to start.

I would appreciate the avoidance of talking about specific programs and promoting using certain products. I don’t think it’s bad to mention them, but you all know what’s borderline advertising and what’s an opinion or advice.

I will start the topic of it my next reply.

I won’t talk about all the conversation starters I mentioned in my first post, but I would like to discuss my experience with weighted baseballs and intent.

In the fall of my junior year, I was clocked at 72 mph at a showcase. This irked me, so I decided to work on my mechanics and get weighted baseballs. I got some for Christmas and worked with them until my tryouts for the high school team at the end of February. At tryouts I was clocked at 82 mph.

My intent to throw hard wasn’t no where near where it should have been in the fall and that was pointed out by my dad right after. I believe that working on intent, throwing weighed baseballs, and an intense exercise class I took, helped me to jump my velocity up.

Right now I’m focusing on perfecting my mechanics through long toss and by pitching flat sets while I video tape myself.

I hope many of you contribute to this discussion. I know if a good, informative conversation starts then a helpful topic could be made.

Thanks in advance!

One of the things you didn’t list that has been monumental for me has been mental approach. Instead of using your head to throw, being able to sense your body when throwing allows extremely better body control. This allowed me to immediately gain better separation and use my lower body better to gain more velocity, control, and movement while placing less stress on my arm.

That’s my bad. I knew I forgot something. That’s a very important aspect.

I think yoga is one good way to work on the mental part of pitching. I think that a lot of people tense up, think too much, and as a result, over think. I think yoga is good way of relaxing the muscles and the mind.

I also try to think short simple thoughts when I’m throwing like ‘closed, hips, throw.’ That seems to help me.

The top two I see on your list(s) are mental preparation and video tape. Without the proper mental conditioning, we all face an up hill battle. Whenever things go wrong, be that our defense, the umpire or just good hitting by the other team, there is very little if anything we can do about it. All we can hope to control is ourselves. Short term (immediate) memory loss is crucial! Once you release that ball, it’s over. Time to play defense.
As for video, I feel it is imperative in all aspects (pitching, hitting and defense). Very few (in fact none) coaches that I have worked with can catch eveything in a given activity. Plus there is nothing like slowing down the motion and watching what your body is doing. I have found it an invaluable tool!

Best of luck in pursuit of your dreams!