Gaining Velocity

I am a 6’1, 180 pound senior in high school and I’m throwing about 83-85 and can touch 86. I’m trying to add on a couple of mph before season and before contracts go out to play in the Connie Mack season this summer. Does anyone have any ideas of how to put on speed?

I have lifted and done band work and I am working on a long toss program. Is ther ea specific type of workout or muscle group I should work to add velo? And is my velo good for where I am right now compared to other guys?

Have you looked at any medicine ball training? That really seems to help me, it would also help you if you started running sprints and doing agility exercises to increase your foot speed and overall athleticism. I know it’s not the same thing but getting your muscles moving quicker will increase your pitching velocity.

Yeah i have been running sprints too, because I also play the outfeild and I run a 4.8-4.7 40. The overall athleticism helps I know, when I played football I used to get a lot of that work in as well. I’m starting to do the medicine ball training. I’m looking more into that.
Thanks for the suggestion.

And here’s something that has to do with good mechanics. You have to be sure to get your whole body into the action, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and seamless) motion; in doing this you will generate more power behind your pitches and in the process take a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder—in effect, you will throw harder and faster with less effort. I learned to do this years ago by watching the Yankees’ Big Three rotation—those guys were all doing the same thing—and I picked up on it and worked on it, and even though I was a snake-jazzer, not much on speed, I found myself doing what they were doing. As a result, I never experienced a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else—and, surprise, surprise, I ended up with a good 81-mph four seamer which my pitching coach told me was, for a finesse pitcher such as me, a fast ball!
One thing that helped me immensely: I was a natural sidearmer who used a slide-step all the time, had a consistent release point, and used the crossfire extensively. :slight_smile: 8)

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Coach B.

I gained velocity once i started squatting 3 times a week.

And i thought i was at my peak as far as velocity goes. I was 20 throwing 87-89 then i started squatting 3 times a week, i put on 15 pounds in my legs and started throwing 90-91 a lot more often.

Okay thanks. Im gonna start doing squats more often and hit the weights a little more. And I will look at the workouts. Hopefully all works out, and good luck to all of you guys.

Along with your weight training program, you should be doing max effort throwing (i.e long toss) 2-3 times/week (working up to that of course) with lighter throwing on the off days.

You could always post a clip here to see if you have any mechanical inefficiencies that could be improved also.

okay, thanks, i might do that