Gaining submarine velocity

I am a 5’10", 175 pound submarine pitcher going into my sophomore year at a JUCO. My fastball is about 74-78 MPH and I want to gain about 5 MPH. I have a slider for my out pitch but I need to be throwing over 80 to be good at the next level. Any tips?

Show us some video! Would love to see your brand of submarine. Everyone does it a little different. Perhaps there is some energy left in there to get you that extra zip.

Some potential strategies:

  • Gain weight. As Eric Cressey of Cressey Sports Performance likes to put it, "mass equals gas".
  • Lift weights. Focus on increasing maximal strength and your ability to produce power.
  • Learn to transfer energy more efficiently. Throwing hard is all about efficient energy transfer from the lower body, to the trunk, to the shoulder, to the ball. Eliminate “energy leaks” in your delivery to realize your existing potential for greater velocity. This can be done through tweaking your delivery as well as intelligent strength training.
  • Increase throwing volume, frequency, and intensity, not necessarily all at once. Practice throwing hard and you will get better at throwing hard.

Hope this helps!