Gaining MPH!

I am 20 years old 6’ 1" and weigh 160lbs and I throw 83-84 and hit 85 sometimes. Is there any hope that I could increase velocity to 90 sometime in hopes of possibly being drafted. I’m a junior in college and I am playing summer ball now along with working out with the Tuff Cuff program in the weight room. I rewatch video of my mechanics and I’ve worked with a former pro but I just am trying to figure out how to throw harder. I play with guys who are skinnier and a lot weaker than I am but they throw harder than me.

start this video at 0:50


Your mechanics are actually pretty good, and you have the advantage of being a lefty.

I definitely think that you stay paused in a traditional “balance point” for slightly too long. Your body should already be moving towards home at the peak of your leg lift, and your drive knee should be inside your hip. Take a look at the picture of Aroldis Chapman:

At 6:26 of the second video, you can see that at the peak of your leg lift, your body is still very perpendicular, and not gaining momentum towards home.

Other than that, I would say that you’re not really achieving much hip to shoulder separation at foot strike. This vital to velocity.

By correcting these things alone, you will see at least an additional 3-4 mph boost.

Positives: good smooth delivery, very good leg lift, good arm whip, nice long stride, and good follow through

90 mph is a great goal, but if you have lefty tailing movement on your fastball, and good off-speed, it may be enough to get you to the next level.

Look at Jamie Moyer :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!

Your stride appears to be on the short side. Overall, you have a solid foundation to work with. The slow tempo and short stride give me the notion that you need to improve your intent to throw hard. You really need to focus on driving your front leg towards the plate with more force and could stand to start gaining more momentum without a pause as Nathan alluded to. The faster tempo and more force should allow your hips to open faster and create any extra hip/torso separation you are looking for.

You are throwing across your body some, but it doesn’t appear initially to cause any loss of velocity.

Your mechanics look pretty good and solid.

One thing I think you could develop is more hip drive to home. That is lead more wtih your front hip while staying back with your upper body during stride.

At 6’1" and 160 you’re thin. I agree with what the others are telling you but gaining more muscle will definitely help. Get yourself on a weight lifting program and increase your calorie intake and try to put on some weight.


i think you can definitely get to 90, it doesn’t even look like your using your lower half

lol. Dude you are 160lbs. I myself went from 155lbs 14 percent body fat to 185lbs at 9 percent body fat with 1 year and 8 months of lifting weights/bodybuilding.

I am 5’9 my friend. You are 6’1, and 160lbs.

You can easily, easily get to over 200lbs with 2 years of solid weight lifting.

3-4 years you could hit 210-220lbs. Big thing is nutrtiiton.

You must eat more food to gain weight.

My advice. head over to

To gain weight. you must be in a caloric surplus. To gain muscle you need to gain strength.

At 20 I would expect to see much more intent with the goal being 90. What I see is someone who seems intent on location/control. The elephant in the room is that you are a certain size and have a certain goal…Lincecum was smaller, heck several smaller guys throw harder…what is the difference?
Keep in mind The Freak is very strong…so was Billy Wagner…look at how they develop power…thats where you need to go…you won’t do it in part time…you are 20…if you can’t put hours into it, it won’t be there for you. AND just throwing hard with effort and no conditioning will get you some not so fun injury…it’s why the dedication is so crucial, in particular with you, as the window of real opportunity is closing.

Solid advice JD!