Gaining momentum

I noticed that a lot of pitchers start going forward just before the top of their leg kick but how do you do that without rushing? because I don’t think I do this and i know it can add a little bit of velocity.

It can also do good things for your timing. You might need to shorten your arm path but it’s very doable. You just gotta practice it.

Well what exactly do you have to practice? What do you do? Do you just tilt forward earlier because when i try that my back leg seems to collapse a bat. So what do you actually do to gain this momentum?

Push your front hip sideways toward the target. You’ll probably feel like you’re gona fall down but don’t cheat and sacrifice your knee lift. Maintain your same knee lift height - just force the leg to get out front faster. The head and shoulders will stay slightly behind the front hip into foot plant but not so far behind that you end up leaning toward 2B.

Takes lots of practice to get comfortable with it. Don’t give up - stick with it.