Gaining confidence of my Off-Speed pitches

I have recently learned a knucklecurve, circle change and i’m working on a splitter and a regular curveball. In the bullpen I can get them to work pretty good most of the time but during the game when I get the sign for one of those I either throw them away or I just dont have the confidence to throw them because i’m afraid that i’ll throw them away. Does anybody have any ideas?

I would say concentrate on only 2 off-speed pitches and just practise them a ton. Get to the point where you can throw them at any time in the bullpen, then use them in the game. If you never throw them you will never be able to gain confidence in them.

yeah i agree dont try to learn all those pitches concentrate on one or maybe two of them until you perfect them. when you play catch mix them in and throw them when u play long toss. when your out on the mound dont think about it just throw the pitch. you gotta be able to have at least 2 pitches that you can confidently throw in ne situation.

i am gonna have to agree also theres no need to work on all those pitches especially at one time i myself thro the knucklecurve instead of the reg curve becuase that is what i am comfortable with but all i throw is 4seam 2seam knuckle curve and circle change. in high school i was like you and threw curve, slider, knuckle curve, splitter, change, and fastball . and after hours of practice everyday i found that no one pitch was getting that much better. youll benefit so much more from taking the two offspeed pitches that are least stressful on your arm and working on those AFTER you feel extremely comfortable with your fastball

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I assume you are in high school.

When you think you’ve mastered the fastball go back and explore it again. Think Greg Maddux here… I truly believe an entire high school career can be achieved with just the fastball and a change-up. Imagine how healthy your arm might be going into your first year of college and looking for that extra edge mixing in the curve or knucklecurve. The college hitters are much better at making solid contact. Just my opinion…

And for things such as the knuckle curve you’re working on, throw on your side of the mound. Lefty on the left and righty on the right. This way, you can throw them straight and with enough break they’ll fall right past the bat on the inside or the outside. Another thing, aim for a spot that you usually would look to when you’re facing a batter. Knuckle curve, try aiming at their ribs and there’s a good chance with enough practice that it’ll fall right into that strike zone without you really having to focus all that hard. Fastballs are good pitches to place in the zone, but also work on placement with your offspeed pitches. Then I have a feeling you’ll command the zone.

Don’t try to work on a knuckle curve and a curveball, choose one and work on it endlessly. You only need three pitches, maybe only two to be successful. During the game, when you get the signs: see the sign, COMMIT to the pitch, and visualize it hitting the spot, then throw. If you’re throwing your curveball for strikes in the pen and not in the game, then during the game just throw your curveball at the hitter. Throw it at him and it will break for a strike, if you try to throw it over the plate it will miss outside (I’m referring to a hitter of the same handedness)

Like the other guys said pick one or two and master it. As a younger guy you don’t need 4 pitches. As for throwing it in the game just be confident and think of just like your bullpen. Don’t put to much pressure on yourself to be perfect with it right away.

Yeah, sounds like you’ve got alot of pitches you want to throw!

When i was first introduced to multiple off-speed pitches i went crazy and i wanted to throw every single one of them. I finally realized that it wasn’t gonna work out so i stuck with curve and change and i work on them everyday. Find a pitch that fits you and one that you can throw for strikes. Develop it and make it a pitch that hitters will fear and think about everytime they come up