Future College Baseball question?

Hey, i have had a question i really have never asked alright we have a dude who sends in tapes to colleges but how can like i do that? like is there any other ways to send in tapes or at least let this college know ur very interested in there baseball program? another question about all this how old cuz im going into my sophomore year and im starting to become a starting #2 pitcher on the team but i want to be a closer l8tr on in life so would sending tapes of my play be a bad thing at this age or a good thing?

I don’t think there should be a problem with it, but make sure you’re sending them vids. of your best stuff, don’t settle for anything less.

Last year when I was a sophomore I had schools telling me they were interested in me (for academics not baseball :frowning: ) so I don’t think it would be a problem for a sophomore to show interest in a school if schools can be interested in a sophomore.

Dude theres nothing wrong with that. Good grades will get you farther anyways.

My grades are good but not 4.0s more like 3.7s but my test scores is more what I get looked at for.

I got letters this last year from Cornell, Gonzaga, Southern Utah, Rochester and some smaller schools in Montana and Colorado. My problem is if I go to one of the nicer schools with better schooling then I doubt I make those baseball teams. But if I go somewhere to play baseball then I miss out on a better education.

alright well i really wanna play for wichita state its my fav. baseball school. so my sophomore year in baseball ill have a friend or my dad tape me pitching and when i have an outstanding performance just send it to ? the campus?? or athletic director? or someone else ?

That’s another school that sent me a letter. lol

Well you’ll have to balance it out. It might be better to say I’ll play summer ball in a competative league and still go to the better school.

If I can find I good summer league.

ok??!? while u two go on about that can i actually get some help comments about my situation the reason i posted the topic lol ! please.

read my last post i don’t feel like posting it again !

Sorry, I think that theres a lot of rules for NCAA about stuff like that. But you’d have to look into it and check the rules about contacting.

Louis, sending tapes at your age is a waste of time, money and effort. What I would do on the other hand, is contact W. St., find out who the coaches are (Any other schools that you may also want to consider also). Write them a letter, tell them of your ambition to play for them and see if they have any open clinics that they put on. If you don’t hear back, follow it up with a phone call. The best time to do this stuff is at the end of this month/Start of Sept. because school is just starting and they really don’t have any time once the season starts. If they offer a fall or Christmas clininc, do everything you can to attend, again as part of the discussion with the coaches, your approach should be; “What can I do to help this team and what is this coach looking for in a player”? Get the coaches advice on what he wants and how you should approach it…then DO what he says. This isn’t a gaurantee that you’ll make the team but it will give you the best possible chance at a shot. Keep your grades as high as you can get them and start now on studying for the SAT/ACT’s and try to score as high as possible on these (My son would be playing D-1 ball right now if his grades hadn’t slid).
Remember that the school of choice, for many reasons…may not have a place for you…so have a plan B,C,D,E of schools, consider not only D-1 but also Community College/JUCO, you may find you have more opps to pitch your first 2 years and then keep in contact with your desired D-1 and be ready as a Jr…
At some point a coach may want to see video of you…I’d suggest a U-Tube gallery of select pitching aspects of you…Wind-up, stretch, pick-offs, from a third base view and a behind the plate view if possible. That way you aren’t cutting dvd’s and having them collect dust in someones office and it is very easy for any of them to access by just e-mailing the link.
If you put a solid plan in place and keep at it, adjusting when it proves that one path isn’t working, you can be in position…not just for baseball, because planning for success is a life’s lesson and if you put solid plans in place going forward you will succeed in life.

alright so don’t send any tapes yet ok. my grades are good. Wichita State currently had a summer clinic but my dad didn’t tell me fast enough so i couldn’t go. idk if they have fall or winter clinics but here is three schools im interested in going to

  1. Wichita State
  2. Kansas
  3. Oklahoma State

Like you said send in letters how would i do that exactly?

Go to the web site of the schools, then the athletic dept’s they usually have addresses in there, find out who the head coach is and the pitching coach if possible, write them a personal letter, letting them know that you have ambitions to play for their school and would like first to introduce yourself and also find out if they have any clinics you could participate in so you can show them your potential and find out from them where you need to improve so you can help the team. Many have fall or Christmas Clinics (I know UNF does)…see if you can attend. The big thing is to make contact, let them know you have a plan and dream and they are a pert of it and then find out the different steps they expect. When you do attend the clinic, you make sure you personally re-introduce yourself and look them in the eye as you shake their hand. Hustle, pay attention…even if it’s boring to you, listen to their recommendations and then put them into action with all your might.
All the while you make sure your grades don’t slip and pay attention, you may find other schools that suit you better.

I was just browsing and thought I’d throw in my two cents worth. BTW If you get advice from JD you’ve got some good information.

My kid will be a senior this year. During his junior year he sent out some thirty letters to various schools…JUCO, DIII, DII and DI. We are in an area that doesn’t get scouted very hard. He received numerous replies in essence acknowledging his letter and inviting him to upcoming camps, etc. Four colleges became seriously interested. Two saw him pitch at a large State American Legion Tournament and the one saw him at a DI southern showcase/camp. One heard about him through a professional scout that saw him at a free pro tryout. We never sent one video. If he was interested in a school he first sent the letter, checked out if they were attending a certain camp and if that didn’t work emailed the coach and asked if he could travel to any location and throw for them.

So I’d have to say that you should attend a showcase but pick one that numerous schools, pro scouts and the MLB scouting bureau attend. The funny thing is that of the thirty original schools he sent letters to, the one he will probably sign with wasn’t ever on his radar.

i sent in a letter to the Head Coach of The Wichita State Shockers idk if he will reply i told him how interested i was and i asked him if he had any baseball clinics going.