Funny Experience


My dad and I were outside throwing a few knucklers around and I was having a pretty good day.

One time in particular I threw my k-ball to my dad and we’re usually pretty good about catching knucklers since we do it alot, my dad closed his glove too early on this one and it hit his glove and bounced away. My dad claimed that the ball was coming in and then suddenly lost velocity, like someone stuck a yield sign in front of it it just slowed down quickly.


when i throw a forkball sometimes i can get it to move like a knuckler so i can get movement like that


Well it wasn’t normal movement it just like almost stopped in midair, that’s how much it slowed down.


My friend throws a knuckleball and I’ve witnessed his 2 best ones. They would wiggle with no rotation and suddenly drop. I missed it and just gave him a look like what the? lol it was pretty awesome.


My friend has a really nasty knuckler he even threw one to me with a softball and it still had no spin and the same movement. He’s got a great fastball unlike Wakefield though.


Portulio, have you ever read “The Knucklebook” by Dave Clark or checked out this website?

I highly reccomend these resources for learning about the knuckleball.


Yeah I’ve been on the HQ for a long time and I’ve read over the knucklebook a lot.