Funny bone hurts when I pitch


Only hurts when my arm is completely straight. I have slight pain in the funny bone and if I apply pressure my ring and pinky fingers become tingly. About a week ago I threw 85 pitches. I am 13 pitching from 60 feet 6 inches. I throw about 85 mph. It only started to hurt after my game yesterday I threw about 85+ my coach over pitches me for big games. I throw a 4seam fastball and a 2 Seam. And a 12-6 curve but I don’t move my wrist at all. It’s about release point. And my arm hurts after I pitch but it never hurts when I throw a curveball. What should I do ?


Sorry to hear about your arm troubles. Check with a doctor to get a proper look at the issue. When healthy again, we certainly can help share strengthening exercises to point you in the direction of a healthy arm.


It could be a number of things but the ulnar nerve is what is responsible for ring/pinky finger numbness. If it hurts at full extension it could be a triceps issue though. The triceps attaches right along the ulnar nerve so inflammation or irritation around that point could cause the ulnar nerve to act up.


One thing that I think should be mentioned that wasn’t is your ball speed.

I’m assuming you actually throw 85 at 13, which is pretty damn impressive if you do.

A very real possibility is that your tendons/arm are not matured enough to handle it. One thing that ASMI said is that high schoolers throwing above 85 is increasing their chance of injury because even by junior year they’re not matured enough. At 13, it’s even more exaggerated for you. I’m just saying you may want to be aware of this, and what you do with this knowledge is up to you. You may still throw 85, because you know you developed early and can handle it, or you may settle it down except for when you’re being scouted.