Fundraising ideas?

Hey I got put in charge of fundraising for my team, in exchange for organizing fundraising events I am exempt from paying fees to cover uniform costs, registration, etc.

Now even though I’ve already got some ideas in mind and have run them by some folks I just wondered if any of the good people at LTP have experience in fundraising and have any ideas to help me out.

Some of the ideas that have been come up with so far include:
-Putting on a clinic for the youth in the community.
-Creating a poster with our schedule and pictures of players to sell.
-Putting on a BBQ either on campus or by a local business and asking for donations.
-Having an online donation account up year round (did one of these for our NCBA WS trip)
-Opening up the concession stands more often and giving half of the money to a charity of some sort.

Pustulio old boy…those are great ideas…on campus? Maybe a beer pong tourney 8) with an entrance fee…split the pot say 90-10 (The winner/s will be sloshed anyway…tell em the checks in the mail :wink: ).

Golf tourney man they make a fortune

A long time ago, we had a charity day and this is what we did. The guys were great sports and everyone had a ball - a wet one at that, but still, it was great laughs all around.

These things are not that expensive to rent and they’re delivered. We had to set up ours, fill it and leave a deposit for potential damages - but still it was worth it.

Coach B.

yeah … I got dunked by my own crew!

A cash bash works pretty well. The golf outing is a winner. Thinking out of the box a little: A cruise ! Have a travel agent rebate the program a portion of the commission’s associated with the fee. The agent gets the tax write off, the cruise participants get a nice vacation and you make some money. If you can get a celebrity type to go along, makes it a winner.