Fun Times

Wow we had our best work out the other night!!! J it seemed it all clicked at once and he really came out throwing with great intent and throwing the crap out of the ball, And now I know what Paul Nyman means by intent under pressure or game time . We normaly throw at a cage befor it opens well to day we got a late start we did some of the backward chaining drills working on his shoulder pinch and all the steps. Well just about the time we start our last 15 full speed finish a softball pitcher about his age came in to do her workout well I think J thought well I will turn it up a little. Early on he hit 66 on the gun at this point I have know idea what it was at but after about the 4th one I walked down to the mound and said “Now that is how I have been tring to get you to throw the baseball all winter if I would have known it was that easy I would of had the whole team here”. So times like this is what makes it fun to be a Dad/Coach when you can show progress and still have fun doing it. Tim

might have been the chick?

Yea Think!!! He has turned a courner he is really working on his workout and I think he sees the importantance to the abs work and the progress in the last week. Tim

Gotta get that six pack to impress the girls! :wink: