Fun rule found in MLB

“With two out, a runner on third base, and two strikes on the batter, the runner attempts to steal home base on a legal pitch and the ball touches the runner in the batter’s strike zone. The umpire shall call “Strike Three,” the batter is out and the run shall not count; before two are out, the umpire shall call “Strike Three,” the ball is dead, and the run counts.”

Right out of the rulebook, so if you have two outs, two strikes and some guy is stealing home, try and bean him before he makes it to the plate, forget about throwing to the catcher :lol:

True, but when you bean the runner, the pitch must be in the batter’s strike zone…so good luck with that. :lol:

You just have to do a longer stop at leg lift and it should be working fine. I would also make sure the umpires know the rule, so they don’t make a wrong call