Full Wind up really needed?

Now that ive been able to practice pitching alot now that im injury free for the first in in over a year and a half i am finally ready to start pitching again but, my highschool coach say to play i have to throw full wind up with empty bases. Ive never pitched full wind up in my life. Ive tried it but I cant place the ball causes of the movement and it dosnt have any power increase. I know its to increase momentum and such but is it possible to just pitch a slow regular windup and have it use the same effect. or is full windup really that important?

Why fight it. Your coach wants a wind up and he will ultimately decide if you get to step on the mound. I would say appeasement is the best approach. You don’t really need the wind-up, but it certainly shouldn’t hurt to develop one. If done right you should be just as effective either way. Keep the wind up simple. Small initiation step, then turn into the exact position that you get into from the stretch. Practice making the wind-up just an extension of your stretch motion.

The WIND UP was at one time - taught. It (wind up) was a basic part of “pre” delivery that was incorportaed into the motion prior to the pitch itself. This phase was routinely instructed SEPERATE from the delivery motion itself.

Confusing… of course. Why? Because very few … if any pitching coaches, remember the purpose for that phase that was truely THE WIND UP.

The wind up is the initial PHASE of the delivery motion with no runners on - generally. And it’s purpose was to accomplish a few things like to get the muscles moving again from the last delivery, initiate a bit of timiing to the pitcher’s tempo, and to stretch the the muscles… especially in the shoulders - arms - torso … due to the repeated spurts of stress on the body … pitch after pitch.

Some guys react well to the discipline … when properly taught, others not so well. And with good reason. This training was second nature to coaches at the youth level during the 30’s,40’s and into the 50’s. However, with advances in human dynamics and all sorts of “systems” on the market… coupled with the overall lack of interest in the game itself with the advent of other sports and a mix in cultural and economic factors… the wind up along with other BASICS have gone the way of the dodo… Not in all parts mind you… just most.

So, it’s not surpirsing that a coach will want you to use the wind up… but it’s also not surpirsing that he/she doesn’t have the slightest idea what benefits are generated … much less how to show you themselves. And might I add… trying to show you how to properly progress though the three (3) basic phases of a good wind up is almost impossible with the surface conditions on just about every pitcher’s mound you’ll find on public and private ball fields today. In fact, years ago a neighbor of mine said he bought a video called Pitching the MLB way… then another, and aonther … but his kid still had all kinds of problems. Well, as I watched the videos …as he asked… I remarked at how well maintained the mounds were that these pros were pitching off of. When I asked if his kid used the same quality of mounds, his answer was… "are you kidding???"
He sitill didn’t get it.

So, I wish I had better news for you… but the adivce of “stick it out and do the best you can”, is not only advice… it’s a fact of life in youth baseball.

Coach B.

Next time Paul Byrd pitches for the Cleveland Indians, watch him. He does the good old-fashioned full windup when the bases are empty—or when they’re loaded—and he does it smooth and fast, gets into a good rhythm, and when his stuff is working you can’t touch him. If you need to develop a good full windup, you could do a lot worse than what he does. :slight_smile:

You can keep it simple like Joe Nathan.

hhaha that’s barely a full windup.

I could twitch and move more than that :lol:

personally, i like the full windup more than the stretch because i have a rhythm going just like mentioned above. The stretch is effective for me because i slide-step and throw over pretty effectively. I mix it up and the hitters dont pick up on patterns. The windup is a great thing to have, not all people have it (Joe Nathan :P) but it will set you into a rhythm and guys will have to step out to slow you down (unless ur slow in between pitches)

hope that helps

I like the Joe Nathan idea because it’s not really that far away from moving from the stretch. It is the stretch but it seems more like a windup to me. Kind of reminds me of “The Rookie”. I’d go with that until you have some free time to work on the whole step, lift, drive, follow through.