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I am a 14 year old looking to increase my velocity and strength. I would really like to be able to follow a 5 Day Training Program to increase my velocity and strength, as well as a Nutrition Guide of foods I should eat a lot, or never eat. I would appreciate it if anyone could either design me a program, or simply point me in the direction of a program that has what I am looking for in it. If you guys would like any more information, just let me know!

Well the nutrition part at your age is pretty easy. Just eat anything that is “clean” as bodybuilders would use.

This is what I eat on a regular basis for Nutrition:

Plain Oatmeal

Lean Meats (Turkey, Ham slices ect.)
Ton of green veggies

Tons of green veggies again

Inbetween those 3 meals I have 2-3 snacks a day:
Yogurt & Protein Shake
Plain Oatmeal or a healthy type cereal with fruit in it

Don’t forget to cheat some make sure you have yourself something you really enjoy once in a while. Your metabolism is probably really fast right now so you can get away with cheating a little bit. Also probably at your age if I were you I’d drink ALOT of milk - try to promote some growth while you still can. (What I’d give to go from 6’0 to 6’4)

Working out is a little different especially for pitchers. Make sure you do a ton of explosive type workouts. Alot of people will tell you to jog alot but to be honest with you I say jog after pitching to flush your arm but in my opinion when your conditioning run all out sprints. Do sprint circuits for your cardio. Explosive lifting for your lifts. But remember the #1 workout you can do daily is throw. And the only way your arm is gonna get stronger in my opinion is if you push it. Just playing catch lightly in the front yard everyday won't make you throw hard. Gotta go out long toss alot and throw off a mound alot. 

My 2 cents. Your at a perfect age I regret not really dedicating myself to baseball till I was like 17. Now I'm working hard to try to catch up for lost time.

What about school? What are some good recess/lunch suggestions? I was thinking like yogurt, granola bar, apple, etc. Any sugestions?

Still looking for someone to design me a program or point me in the direction of one…

Check out
. Sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial. It will give you a full nutrional program. It will tell you how many calories you need to eat based on what you want to do. (Gain weight, lose weight, etc.) It will also give you a Full Workout Program.

kc86 has workout programs listed on the top of this page. I think it’s called Strength Program Megathread or something like that. Check out his workouts as well.

Simple stuff. Tell mother, father or whatever guradian is in your house. Hey _______ can you pick me up some whole wheat bread and some oatmeal. That will really get you started. Must say I’m still trying to find a good way to get the oatmeal in me in the morning. Any ideas? Cooking takes a while.

Look at the megathread. Also find a workout partner. Preferebly an older guy that you know who would know what he’s talking about. Or a coach would be great. Find someone to help you out. Learn how to squat and some other simple workouts. Just build up your strength. Also do a lot of rotator cuff exercises.

Do some jobes. Look up Jobe Workouts. It does wonders for me. With strength and durability. I do them 5 times a weeks and it keeps them strong. Youll even feel like your throwing harder.

I agree with you totally… I lost interest and i have regain interest alot… I should’ve been on Varsity my Junior yr. but ended up workin twice as hard… and wouldve been a pitcher on varsity if i never got hit in the head… Now I’m recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery from another accident and after this i have to three times as hard as i ever did to try to make varsity next year.

I too regret it.

But yea… when i decided to play baseball… I simply ate a granola bar for breakfast… Chicken sandwich for lunch and wat ever my mom cooked for dinner… I lost close to 20 pounds within the 1st month and a half of practices.

And for throwing i started by throwing 25 for a couple days then 40 then 50 then 75 etc. i got up to about 115. I could throw 115 pitches with hardly any arm fatigue… It was great!

And all this is pitchin off a mound too… and some long toss added on.

Thanks guys, keep the suggestions coming! I need everything!

Also, how hard were you throwing when you were 14 years old and never been working out before? just out of curiousity to see where I stand.

Also, I was looking for a program with like a printable table so I can print it out and take it to the gym with me. Does anyone know how to do that with the Core Performance Program, or with just a whole new program that they reccomend for me to throw harder?

It has a printable version. After you sign in, the first page it takes you to has a link that says, “View today’s workout in detail.” Click on it. The next page it takes you to has a link that says, “Print Today’s Workout.” You can’t miss it. It’s huge.

Thank you. Do you do the same exercises that you would do on the first Monday for every Monday? Or do they have new exercises for each new week?

It changes once you get to the next phase. You get to a new phase every three weeks.

He im 14 i live on PEI i was just wondering which site ur sign into is it thecompletetepitcher.com or those other ones

Also do these workouts work for infielders too or just pitchers because im a really good shortstop and want to get better

PEI? Nice dude. I live in Nova Scotia. And as for your question, there is already a thread dedicated to this in this forum, somewhere near the top. Let me know if you need anymore help finding the thread.

What team do you play for or what league next year ?

Sorry can’t find . Can u tell me which one it is ?