Fuk u do me comes to America

Well, he isn’t here yet but he probably will. I’m so going to buy his jersey.

Call me naive but I don’t get the subject line and it sounds inappropriate. So what’s the deal?

At first I had no clue either Roger, so don’t you worry :smiley: :smiley: …but I was just on mlb.com and finally got it! :idea:

There’s a player in Japan who many US teams are trying to sign with the last name Fukudome. As Spencer cleverly pointed out, if you look closely and say the last name in a particular way it can sound extremely dirty :stuck_out_tongue: …Very clever Spencer gotta give it to ya!

Still innapropriate and this thread doesn’t belong on this site.

Too bad for you Spence he signed with the Cubbies, they might get rid of the names on the jerseys, leaving you without one…

Is this the Outfielder guy?

Revenge from our oriental breathern…They’ll Americanise it like they did Dice-K…Playing right field for the Cubs…some very inebriated bums are going to have a time.