Fujikawa's powerful mechanics

Despite the early hesitation (which is rather common in Japan), I really like Fujikawa’s delivery - very fast, great arm action and the video shows tidbit about his mechanical change and fastball spin

Request: can anyone make a gif. ile out of few of his deliveries shown in vid? Thanks

fastball tails in
looks like dice k

Here is more of him

why is he from the strech most of the time

Well, he’s a reliever

He throws 92 mph.

if they’re measuring out of hand velocity in Japan. If they measure plate velocity that’s upper 90s gas.

if they’re measuring out of hand velocity in Japan. If they measure plate velocity that’s upper 90s gas.[/quote]

So he’s throwing 92 out of his hand and then the ball picks up speed at the plate??

wow, that’d be some fastball palo. Lanky has that backwards.

Okay well 147 or 148 kph is only 91 to 92. Now I wish I could throw 91 or 92, but he’s not exactly throwing upper nineties.

What Lanky means is that if the measure the velocity as soon as it reaches home its a high 90’s fastball out of his hand (92 at home) but if they measure like the MLB does its just a 92 mph fastball (out of hand)

Gotcha, pretty sure they measure out of hand.

I think this is the best vid in terms of analyzing his delivery&stuffs:

So is it lower or higher out of his hand compared to at the plate?

Yeah xv, I don’t think Kaz knows exactly what he’s saying there, unless he’s trying to confuse us all.

Velocity is always highest right out of the hand. Obviously the ball will slow when it reaches the plate.

I think he’s saying that if the “92” from the video is somehow measured differently in Japan, ie. at the plate, then his fastball would really be in the high 90s (at release).

After reading it a few times over, I understand now. The wording was just out of order.

Yeah I was confused what Lanky wrote but once i got what he was trying to say I was then having trouble explaining it so everyone could understand.

After looking around a bit, Japan does in fact measure out of hand velocity. That pitch by Fujikawa was in fact 92 mph. He tops at 153 km which corresponds to about 96 mph.

He’s one of the harder throwers in Japan, I believe.