Fujikawa's heat

Could some of you analysers possibly tell what makes this guy’s fastaball so overpowering?

What I got from this video was that he gets far more spin on the ball than Dice-K or Marc Jason Kroon (100mph pitcher) and that makes his fastball so good, despite traveling in mid to low-90’s. The NPB league’s average spin of fastballs was 37 rps(?), and this guy gets 45. But is it related to his mechanics and something specific in them?
He seems to just challege the batters. Kind of saying “ok, here’s my fastball, try to catch up with it”. That’s what I saw in the video. And after he strikes out the batter he tips the cap for them saying “thanks for trying, better luck next time” or something like that.
So obviously he is very confident in his fastball because that seems to be his sole pitch. He knows it’s so good he can even tell the batter “I’m going to throw only fastballs to you” and still he beats them. What makes it so good?
I guess that because the guy is aware of it I think it’s not coincidential but something that he does to make it overpowering.

And what can you tell of his overall mechanics?

i guess what that means is his fastball has more life (movement) to it?

Also, isn’t low-mid 90’s way above average in Japan?

At 7:20, He talks about using his fingertips to get more spin on the ball.

More revs mean it drops less. Some people like to call this “rise”. Near the end of the video, that’s what that physicist is talking about. Batters are probably accustomed to seeing a fastball “drop” a few inches, but Fujikawa’s fastball will stay up longer.

He also has a low release point.

Conversely, more revs on a curve or a slider means it will break sharper.