Frustrations with lack of time on the mound

I’m a Senior who used to pitch as a Freshman and Sophomore, but control issues and lack of confidence on the mound unfortunately forced me to stop pitching for my junior year and moved to the outfield full time.

This offseason I decided I wanted to get back on the mound because I really love pitching. I worked hard in the weight room all winter, took private pitching lessons for the first time, and it really seemed to pay off. My velocity is up to 86-89, my control is the best it’s ever been, and I’m feeling really confident in my pitching abilities for the first time.

However, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that I haven’t even come close to pitching in a game this year. I told my coach in the beginning of the year that I’d been working hard all winter and wanted to give pitching another try. He seemed to be open to the idea, and said that we would need extra pitching this year for sure.

I understand the fact that I may be a question mark due to my shaky outings in previous years, but the thing that gets me is that I never even throw during practice. I’ve only thrown two bullpens since the season started, only about 15 pitches each, and my coach wasn’t even watching.

I’m the only “pitcher” on varsity that has yet to pitch in a game. My coach has even called up pitchers from JV to pitch during games this year.

I don’t want to make it seem like I’m complaining or feel like I’m entitled to pitch, because that’s not the type of person I am. I’m just frustrated that I put a lot of hard work this offseason, and I can’t even get a chance to see what I can do.

Any tips on how I can stay focused with my pitching goals and deal with my frustration? I’m still working on my mechanics at home and throwing with my dad on the weekends, just in case I end up getting the call to warm up some time this season!


you have to talk to him. that doesn’t mean complain. just ask if he can stay after to watch you pitch. get him to see you so you can show how you’ve improved.


Keep working hard and concentrate on making a summer team or walking on to a college team. If you are really throwing as well as you say, I guarantee you there are a lot of other coaches out there who would love to give you some mound time, and there are many college teams who you would help too.

The HS season only has a few more weeks left, so don’t expect the coach to give someone who’s only track record is a bad one, much opportunity at this point in the season.